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Orijen Cat and Kitten Food 18kg NEW PACK 85 MEAT

This product can be found in: Cat Food: All | Kitten Food | Orijen Cat

Orijen Cat and Kitten Food - 1.8kg NEW PACK 85% MEAT

Product Code: 71693
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INCREASED MEAT CONTENT: Now 85% meat, 15% fruits and vegetables.

Modern cats and kittens are built like their ancestors. We believe they should eat like them too. Thatís why Orijen Cat and Kitten Food is loaded with nourishing protein and fat from free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish and whole eggs, delivered fresh or raw in Wholeprey ratios.

  • Cage-free chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs
  • Richly-nourishing meat ingredients all cats need to thrive
  • Low-glycemic formula supports healthy blood sugars for peak health
  • Each morsel now infused with freeze-dried meats and liver
  • Prepared with fresh and local ingredients

Customer Note: Feeding guide in image gallery.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
The best cat kibble money can buy posted on 27/03/2018 by
Product Reviewed: 5.4kg
Used to give my cats Felix wet food & Science Plan dry food, until I found out how bad both brands are for them-they are basically just junk food-when i found this out I was horrified. After hours of research online I decided to go for Bozita wet food (meat in gravy) and Origen dry food. My 2 cats took to this kibble straight away, they love it and I have noticed a big improvement in their skin & coats, Yes its expensive but I promise you you 100% get what you pay for and to be honest I am not spending any more money on this than I was previously spending on the junk food type. Highly recommend
We love this best of all catfood posted on 01/02/2018 by annetteedgar
Product Reviewed: 5.4kg
My Siamese love this and because of the high meat content believe it to be one of the best on the market. Sadly first delivery got lost, but Petplanet delivered replacement very quickly
Mrs posted on 19/12/2017 by soniascowcroft
Product Reviewed: 1.8kg
This food is amazing for my Ragdolls Cats, their coats are glossy, their eyes glisten and it is excellent for sensitive tummies as it is such a good quality food. The kibble is a good size and suitable for kittens, although I would break them up smaller for really young kittens. A great all round food. Plus they have never got bored and we have been using for around 4 years now.
new food to my cats posted on 19/10/2017 by
Product Reviewed: 1.8kg
Seems ok at the moment still on first 2 bags, one fix other chicken plus usual royal canin dental.
posted on 23/08/2017 by cd
Product Reviewed: 5.4kg
Our cat prefers this to the fish version. Great product.
Cat and kitten food posted on 26/07/2017 by Linda
Product Reviewed: 5.4kg
My 3 boys love this food. Excellent for my Sphinx who has food allergies.
The best posted on 18/07/2017 by AMS
Product Reviewed: 5.4kg
Yes, it is a bit more expensive than some other good brands, but is worth every penny. Having tried for years to control my cats weight, and having tried all the well known 'light' products, and ones recommended for sterilised cats, my cat's condition failed to improve. He is not a greedy cat, yet continued to gain weight and really had me worried. I then read up about this product, and the fact that this is low carbs and high meat content made me think it worth a try. My cat has gradually but steadily lost a lot of his excess weight, he is looking good with a glossy coat and back to being my lively boy. He is 8, and I have another who is not yet - both can enjoy this food without having to fuss about getting different food for differing ages. Would not now buy anything other than this, or Acana which is clearly made buy the same company.
My girls posted on 30/05/2017 by t1ll1y
Product Reviewed: 1.8kg
My girls love this and it has such a good protein content.
Fresh chicken meat (18%), fresh turkey meat (7%), fresh whole eggs (5%), fresh chicken liver (5%), fresh whole flounder (4%), fresh whole herring (4%), fresh turkey liver (4%), fresh chicken heart (4%), fresh turkey heart (4%), fresh chicken necks (4%), chicken (dehydrated, 4%), turkey (dehydrated, 4%), whole mackerel (dehydrated, 4%), whole sardine (dehydrated, 4%), whole herring (dehydrated, 4%), chicken fat (3%), whole red lentils, whole green peas, whole green lentils, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, lentil fiber, whole pinto beans, whole navy beans, chicken cartilage (dehydrated, 1%), herring oil (1%), chicken liver (freeze-dried), turkey liver (freeze-dried), fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh whole zucchini, fresh whole parsnips, fresh carrots, fresh whole red delicious apples, fresh whole bartlett pears, fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh beet greens, fresh turnip greens, brown kelp, whole cranberries, whole blueberries, whole saskatoon berries, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips, enterococcus faecium.
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